1476134_537996219621822_1290758650_nAs current Georgetown students, we have the greatest capacity to pressure the University to divest.

We are always looking for students who want to get involved in any capacity they can. But before you do anything else, make sure you’ve signed our petition!

Our main group of members is called our Core Group. We’re the ones working every day on all things divestment. We also have a large group of volunteers, who can sign up for specific tasks however often they want.

Core Group Members:

  • Attend core-group meetings, determining campaign strategy (We meet Thursdays at 8:00pm in ICC 219A)
  • Organize student outreach and events
  • Work with the administration and Committee for Investment and Social Responsibility on divestment
  • Directly contribute to the running of a social justice campaign
  • Want to see what the core group is like? Feel free to join us at one of our meetings!


  • Help table, flyer, chalk, and petition for the campaign
  • Photograph events
  • Attend events
  • Write Op-Eds
  • Design flyers and art
  • Help with Social Media
  • Want to join the volunteer list-serv? Email and we’ll add you!



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