Vote Yes to Divest!

We have exciting news. On February 6th, on the GUSA election ballot, undergraduates will get the change to vote in support of a referendum to divest Georgetown’s endowment fund from fossil fuels. 

This is the chance to prove that Georgetown students want divestment, and we want it now. This is the time where we can take action and show the Board of Directors that they can no longer jeopardize our futures just to make a profit. It time to divest from fossil fuels and stand for climate justice.

For context: GUFF submitted a proposal for full divestment on January 17th, 2019 to the Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility (CISR). CISR’s task is to consider proposals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors about the endowment and socially responsible investing. Despite working with us in the past to achieve divestment from tar sands and coal, CISR has failed to come to a decision a full year after the submission of our proposal. So, GUFF is seeking support from the Georgetown community to pressure CISR and the Board of Directors directly to fully divest from fossil fuels. That’s why we’re holding a referendum vote. 

One week before the vote, on Thursday, January 30th at 6pm, we’ll be holding a Teach-In on Divestment and Endowment Justice in ICC 105. This will be a perfect opportunity to learn everything you need to know about divestment, the history of the movement and what divestment means for climate justice and for Georgetown. We’ll also give everyone a chance to get involved with the campaign in the week before the vote. RSVP here:

We have 15 days until the referendum vote and there has never been a better time to get involved in the divestment movement. Join our weekly meeting to get involved in social media, faculty and student outreach, tabling, flyering and more. We meet weekly on Wednesdays at 9pm in ICC 219b. Come out to the teach-in on January 30th and bring all your friends. Follow us on social media (@gufossilfree). Spread the word about the referendum vote, and why divestment is important to you. We need as much voter turnout as possible to show CISR, and the Board that they can’t ignore us any longer. Together, we can make this happen. 

Check out this FAQ guide, please reach out to us at with any further questions, and vote YES to divest on February 6th! 

*Faculty Members that would like to support our campaign can sign on to this letter of support!

*Student organizations that would like to support the campaign can sign on to this letter of support!




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