Why Hearing “No” Gives Me Hope

“We know what we’re fighting for — and we know it’s time to recruit, intensify, take action, and drive our campaigns harder than ever before. So if you’ve been hearing a lot of, ‘NO,’ lately, take heart. That barrier means you’re pushing hard enough to win. Keep it up.”

Read this piece by Jenny from 350.org about why “No” to divestment only makes us stronger.


Why is Fracking not a Gateway to a Clean Energy Future?

Not only is Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) not safe, causing negative health impacts, explosions, radioactivity, and earthquakes, it also contaminates the water, poisons the air, greatly contributes to climate change, and it also does NOT makes sense economically.  Gas production on a site drops quickly (up to 85% in 2 years).  Economic benefits and jobs only last two years.  Check out this info graphic on Fracking:

What’s in the Water?


News: A New Divestment Focus on Campus

A recent article about divestment discusses some administrative points of view:

A New Divestment Focus on Campus: Fossil Fuels

“Ms. Wood said the proxy process had produced gains over the last decade in shareholder voting rights and the election of directors. For example, she said there was a big victory this year when shareholders successfully urged Continental Resources, an Oklahoma oil and gas company, to curb its gas emissions in North Dakota. But she acknowledged that getting the oil giants to respond to proxy proposals on greenhouse gas limits would be more difficult.”