Breaking: GU Fossil Free Submits Proposal for Georgetown to Fully Divest from Fossil Fuels

On January 17, 2019, GU Fossil Free (GUFF) submitted a proposal to divest from all fossil fuel companies to Georgetown University’s Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility. We believe full divestment will improve the social, environmental, and financial responsibility of Georgetown’s endowment.

Our proposal asks that Georgetown University (1) immediately freeze all new direct investments in fossil fuels companies and (2) completely divest its Endowment Fund from all fossil fuel companies by January 1, 2024. These demands build on Georgetown’s past commitments to divest from coal and tar sands while setting a pragmatic timeline.

We urge students, faculty, and staff to sign our new petition to divest Georgetown’s endowment from all fossil fuels.

We also call on all student-led organizations (recognized and unrecognized) to sign onto our proposal as allies because it’s important to show the University that there is student support for our demands. If you would like to be listed here as an Ally Organization, please email us at gufossilfree at gmail dot com.

GUFF envisions a Georgetown that embraces its role as a leader in the promotion of environmental stewardship and social justice, as well as in responsible investing. In 2017, the University created a Socially Responsible Investing policy outlining its mission to promote the common good through its investments. It can only fully do so by publicly committing to remove its financial support from the fossil fuel industry through full divestment.

Below is a link to our proposal in PDF form. We’ve included the Executive Summary on this page and listed the proposal’s contents below. To read the full proposal, feel free to download (and distribute) this document.

Proposal to Divest from All Fossil Fuel Companies by January 1, 2014

GUFF Proposal Executive Summary

Our proposal is divided into four sections and includes two additional appendices that demonstrate the achievements of the global fossil fuel divestment movement as well as changing sentiments since GUFF’s first proposal from 2014.


1) Proposal to Divest from All Fossil Fuel Companies by January 1, 2024: 1-11

  • Executive Summary: 1
  • Aims: 2-3
  • Rationale: 3-9
  • Strategy: 10-11

2) Appendix 1 – Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement in 2019: 12-16

  • Table 1 – Positive Actions Toward Full Divestment by COFHE Schools: 14
  • Table 2 – American Schools That Have Committed to Fully Divest: 15-16

3) Appendix 2 – Changing Sentiments Regarding Fossil Fuel Divestment Since 2014: 17-18

4) Notes: 19-22