Top News: GU Fossil Free pursues a socially-responsible investments (SRI) policy and transparency with the Board of Directors SRI Committee.


We are GU Fossil Free, Georgetown University’s student-run campaign asking that our university divest from fossil fuel companies and re-invest in a more sustainable future.

Fossil fuel and coal companies continue to pose a threat to public health, the global environment and human rights. While fossil fuel and coal production damages the environment as a whole, it has a particularly acute impact on the human rights and health of marginalized people of the United States and in the global south. On a practical financial level, investments in these companies are becoming increasingly risky and more volatile. It is unconscionable to pay for our education with investments that will condemn the planet to climate disaster.

For more information about what we are asking for and why, please check out What is Divestment? as well as our Proposal.

To sign our petition or become further involved in GU Fossil Free, check out Get Involved and Contact Us. You can also find information specific to all members of the Georgetown community by visiting our pages for Students, Faculty, and Alumni. Want to hear about actions and how you can get involved? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Thank you for your support!

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  1. Judith Stadler · · Reply

    Thanks for all you are doing to urge Georgetown University to divest. I am the wife and mother of alumni of Marquette University and am also a member of 350.org Madison (WI). I am trying to urge the Marquette Investment Board to divest and am looking for allies in the Marquette alumni and student communities. If you have Go Fossil Free contacts at Marquette, please let me know who they are. The University of Dayton, by taking the lead on divestment, is, in effect, challenging other Catholic institutions to do the same. It is just a matter of time before everyone will get onboard. Thanks again. Judy

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