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As a campaign that involves the entire Georgetown community, we are working to involve as many stakeholders as possible: current students, faculty, and alumni.

Adding Your Name

We invite all members of the Georgetown community–students, staff, faculty, alumni–to sign our petition:

Joining the GU Fossil Free Coalition

GU Fossil Free is comprised of a core group of students (mostly, but not exclusively, undergraduate students) who define GUFF’s strategy and execute actions, along with a general body of volunteers, interested faculty members, alumni, and other community members who help GUFF put on successful actions. The GUFF coalition runs several hundred strong. Sign up for our Action Newsletter to receive periodic updates on the campaign and to see when we need volunteers. See below for an outline of other ways you can get involved.

Core Group Members:

  • Attend core-group meetings, determining campaign strategy (We meet each Wednesday in ICC 207B at 8pm; meetings are open to whoever would like to attend)
  • Organize student outreach and events
  • Work with the administration, the Board of Directors, and Committee for Investment and Social Responsibility on divestment
  • Directly contribute to the running of a social justice campaign through the non-hierarchical core group with as much or as little commitment as you’d like
  • Want to join? Email to attend one of our meetings. 

Volunteers and Community Members:

  • Help table, flyer, and petition for the campaign
  • Photograph events
  • Attend events and actions
  • Write Op-Eds and aid in communications
  • Design flyers and art
  • Help with Social Media
  • Want to hear about actions and how you can get involved? Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Are welcome to join the Core Group to execute strategy
  • Speak to fellow faculty and staff to sign the petitions or to get involved with GUFF
  • Write letters and op-eds to the University


  • Write letters and op-eds to the University
  • Reach out to other interested alumni to sign our alumni petition
  • Donate money to the Multi-School Divestment Fund instead of to Georgetown

We are always looking for people to get involved in GU Fossil Free, both as a core group member and as a volunteer.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, alum, or faculty member (we have all three!). If you have any questions about what getting involved means, please email us.


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  1. […] join us. You can call or write to President DeGioia, visit his office, sign the GU Fossil Free petition and either refuse to donate to the school — or for the money-savvy, you can place a donation in […]

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