Faculty and Staff Petition

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A list of faculty and staff who have already signed, group by department, is below. This list was last updated 2/23/16 at 22:46.

Francis Wangendo African Studies
Alexander Thurston African Studies Program
Yvonne Haddad Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding
Denise Brennan Anthropology
Laurie King Anthropology
Mubbashir Rizvi Anthropology Department
Michelle Wang Art and Art History
Maria Donoghue Biology
Ronda Rolfes Dever Biology
Heidi Elmendorf Biology
Peter Armbruster Biology
Thomas Coate Biology
Anne Rosenwald Biology
Manus Patten Biology
Gina Wimp Biology
Jennifer Fox Biology
Daniel Isaac Biology
Kathleen Julien CETS
YuYe J. Tong Chemistry
Rodrigo Maillard Chemistry
Paul D Roepe Chemistry
Joe Napolitano College Dean’s Office
Matthew Tinkcom Communication, Culture and Technology, American Studies
Mahendran Velauthapillai Computer Science
Shiloh Krupar Culture and Politics Program
Katherine Chandler Culture and Politics Program / SFS
Michael A Hickey Department of Biology
Sandro La Barbera Department of Classics
Jennifer Natalya Fink Department of English
Ranit Mishori Department of Family Medicine
William Gallagher, MD Department of Family Medicine
Vince WinklerPrins Department of Family Medicine, Georgetown School of Medicine
Tomoko Steen Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Kristin Primus Department of Philosophy
Mercedes Ontoru Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Adam Lifshey Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese
Motoko Omori East Asian Languages & Cultures
Peng Wang East Asian Languages & Cultures
Sylvia W. Onder EML and Anthropology
Patrick R. O’Malley English
Matthew Pavesich English
Maureen Corrigan English
David Gewanter English
Barbara Feinman Todd English
Henry Schwarz English
Nathan K Hensley English
Daniel Shore English
Pamela Fox English
Dana Luciano English
Brian Hochman English
Cóilín Parsons English
Duncan Wu English
Nicole Rizzuto English
Ashley Cohen English
Aaron Hanlon English
Samantha Pinto English
Rebecca Boylan English
Gay Gibson Cima English
Ricardo Ortiz English
Caetlin Benson-Alltt English
Gretchen Henderson English
Edward Maloney English
Sherry Lee Linkon English Faculty Director of Writing Curriculum Initiatives
Caroline Wellbery Family Medicine
Sarah Kureshi Family Medicine
Andrea Cammack Family Medicine
Anne O’Neil-Henry French
Paul J Young French
Amadou Kone French
Deborah Lesko Baker French
Alfred Obernberger German, (emeritus)
Mark Carl Rom Government
Douglas Reed Government
Marc Howard Government
Elisabeth kvitashvili Government
Craig Zelizer Government/Conflict Res
Kathleen McNamara GOVT/SFS
Bryan McCann History
Micah Muscolino History
Michael Kazin History
Jordan Sand History
Sandra Horvath-Peterson History
Amy Leonard History
Marcia Chatelain History
Kathryn de Luna History
Judith Tucker History
Joseph A. McCartin History
Meredith McKittrick History
Dagomar Degroot History
Maurice Jackson History and AFRICAN American Studies
Laura Pevytoe HR
Rosemary Sokas Human Science
Laura Benedetti Italian
Jiva Manske Justice and Peace Studiea
Eli McCarthy Justice and Peace Studies
Michael Loadenthal Justice and peace studies
Margaret Little Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Lisa Heinzerling Law Center
Mark Sicoli Linguistics
Jennifer Nycz Linguistics
David W. Lightfoot Linguistics and Director of CCT
James Sandefur Mathematics and Statistics
Rama Ramamurthy McDonough School of Business
Eric Campbell McDonough School of Business, Philosophy
J. Keith Ord MSB
Angel Gil-Ordonez Music
Robynn Stilwell Music & Dance, Department of Performing Arts
Rochelle Tractenberg Neurology/BGRO
Laura Anderko NHS
Catherine Volle NHS
James C. Olsen Philosophy
Madison Powers Philosophy
Mark Lance Philosophy
Kristin Primus Philosophy
Heather Voke Philosophy
Alisa Carse Philosophy
Bryce Huebner Philosophy
Terry Pinkard Philosophy
David Bronstein Philosophy
Judith Lichtenberg Philosophy
Christian Golden Philosophy
Linda Wetzel Philosophy
Colin Hickey Philosophy
Kate Withy Philosophy
James Mattingly Philosophy
Tom Mulherin Philosophy
Huaping Lu-Adler philosophy
Joseph Jebari Philosophy
Jake Earl Philosophy
Joseph Rees Philosophy
Oren Magid Philosophy
Michael Randall Barnes Philosophy
Anne Jeffrey Philosophy
Hailey Huget Philosophy
Torsten Menge Philosophy
Keyvan Shafiei Philosophy
Dana Matthiessen Philosophy
Francisco Gallegos Philosophy
Andy Blitzer Philosophy
Laura Guidry-Grimes Philosophy
Walter Glazer Philosophy
Daniel Threet Philosophy
McKay Holland Philosophy
Rebecca Kukla Philosophy
Nabina Liebow Philosophy
Megan Dean Philosophy (Teaching Assistant)
Wesley N. Mathews Jr. Physics
Gerard Mannion Professor, Department of Theology
Rebecca Ryan Psychology
Anna Johnson Psychology
Steven R. Sabat Psychology
Timothy Beach SFS
Lahra Smith SFS
John McNeill SFS/History
Anna von der Goltz SFS/History
Joanna Lewis SFS/STIA
Brian McCabe Sociology
Denise Kripper Spanish & Portuguese
Maria-Elvira Daza Spanish & Portuguese
Patricia Vieira Spanish and Portuguese
Joanne Rappaport Spanish and Portuguese
Emily C. Francomano Spanish and Portuguese
Elena Herburger Spanish and Portuguese
Patricia Vieira Spanish and Portuguese
Mark Giordano STIA
Obdulio Moronta STIA
Melissa L. Bradley Strategy, MSB
Diane Yeager Theology
Francisca Cho Theology
Frederick J. Ruf Theology
Julia Watts Belser Theology
Lauve H. Steenhuisen Theology
Kerry Danner-McDonald Theology
John Haught Theology
Julia Lamm Theology Department
Christine Evans TPST
Ajanta Sircar Visiting Prof. (Eng/SFS)
You-me Park Women’s and Gender Studies
Sara Collina Women’s and Gender Studies





  1. Thomas M. Kerch · · Reply

    I strongly support the GUFF initiative.

  2. I whole-heartedly endorse this effort, which concerns the very viability of our civilization and the shape of the planet we leave to our children and grandchildren.

  3. Maurice Jackson history dept. · · Reply

    Maurice Jackson ..history dept. I sign

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