Multi-School Divestment Fund


GU Fossil Free has recently teamed up with peer groups from universities
across the country to create a Multi-School Divestment Fund. The fund allows alumni, students, faculty, parents, and philanthropists to support their institution while also encouraging the university to divest. All donations are tax 95oyqu_lngsqoqxmqn0hrxgfruk9ti1ajb_wod2nriuzbd4ca_kbzu9yj0lqd5bmqzjkb7x654lakefy069rgl14gsvmkc_zgtxcjk_lm2_zpru1fo82nkvp4iqhshy7fq    deductible and funds raised by Georgetown benefactors will be released to Georgetown University upon divestment of its endowment from fossil fuels. Should Georgetown choose not to divest (as determined by GU Fossil Free) by 2017, its share of the Fund will be distributed to the member schools of the Fund that have chosen to divest. Please consider donating and reminding Georgetown of its commitment to social justice and environmental stewardship. Thank you.

Please fill out the form below for more information about the Multi-School Divestment Fund and/or if you wish to donate. If you wish to access the Multi-School Divest Fund site directly, please click HERE.

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