University of Dayton First Catholic Institution, Largest University Endowment to Fully Divest

This June, the University of Dayton announced that it would divest its $670 million endowment from fossil fuels. It is the first Catholic institution to divest, and the largest university endowment to fully commit to fossil fuel divestment (including coal, oil, and gas). Read more here. If it were to commit to GU Fossil Free’s proposal, Georgetown would be the first Jesuit institution to divest, as well as the largest endowment at $1.2 billion.

GU Fossil Free Members Three of 371 to be Arrested at White House

Georgetown students Chloe Lazarus (COL ’16) , Caroline James (COL ’16), and Michelle Stearn (SFS ’15) were arrested at the White House as an act of civil disobedience at the March 2 XL Dissent protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline. They’re circled in this picture!
They also were pictured in this article about the protest from the Huffington Post. Also see XL Dissent coverage from campus newspaper The Hoya here.
GU Fossil Free member Patricia Cipollitti wrote an opinion piece about the protest and the pipeline for the campus weekly The Georgetown Voice.

Water Crisis in West Virginia

We are now entering the fifth day after the chemical spill in West Virginia, resulting in contaminating the water for 300,000 people in 9 counties.  Please read more the situation below, donate to the relief, and sign the petition for more accountability.  GU Fossil Free members will be helping with organizing water donations across the city with other people in DC, we’ll continue to update you on those efforts and how you can help.

Water is life and coal kills, it has been killing long before this spill.  This industry is poisoning people.  Solidarity with Appalachian communities.  Please donate to efforts to distribute water and also sign the petition demanding more accountability for this.


Hundreds Tear Down Fences, Break into Chevron Site in Romania

As a follow-up to this news, hundreds of people have gathered in Pungesti to protest the Chevron site, tearing down the fences of the property, resulting in clashes with the police. This led to Chevron suspending their efforts in the region.

Following the incident, the US company later announced it was suspending activities in the area. “Chevron confirms the suspension today…due to the activities of protesters,” Chevron said in a statement.


U.S. Public Lands Now Emit More CO2 Than They Can Possibly Absorb

A study has come out that says that oil and gas drilling on public lands produce 4.5 times the CO2 that they absorb, check out the full story.

“President Obama believes that we have a moral obligation to the next generation to leave our land, water and wildlife better than we found it,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell recently said at the National Press Club. “Passing along the blessings that we have inherited will take action and a commitment to take the long view, particularly in this era when our lands and waters are facing unprecedented challenges from climate change and a growing population.”

Our question for President Obama, why aren’t you?

UBS: Hands Off Appalachia Actions

On Monday, November 25th, 14 people were arrested during a day of action that included banner drops, sit-ins, and lock downs.  They were arrested while protesting UBS funding mountain-top removal, asking UBS to Divest from MTR.  To find out more about the campaign and actions, visit here.  To donate to their legal fund, please visit here.

“[At the meeting] I was ‘reassured’ [by UBS executives] that UBS’s policy on mountaintop removal was sufficient enough to protect my people.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  The reality is that their ‘policy’ is nothing more than an excuse to remove themselves from the truth that as UBS profits, my people suffer,” said Adam Hall of Glen Daniel, W.Va. who blocked the entrance to UBS’s headquarters today.”


Romanian police ‘brutally’ remove anti-fracking protesters

Romanian police use brutally to remove protesters opposed to Chevron fracking. Read about the removal of protestors here.

“US energy giant Chevron has resumed its search for shale gas in north-eastern Romania after hundreds of riot police reportedly brutally removed a bunch of villagers who had been camping out at the site protesting the company’s plan.

Back in October, Chevron suspended its plans to drill an exploration well for shale gas in the village of Pungesti – which is believed to be sitting on vast reserves of the valuable natural resource. 

To prevent Chevron from moving on with the drilling, Pungesti villagers set up a camp in a privately-owned field next to the site where the well was planned to be installed. 

For about six weeks the strategy seemed to work, but that changed Monday when Romanian riot police, gendarmes and firemen mobilized forces to break the protesters’ resistance. According to media reports, law enforcers descended on the area early in the morning. Using police and Chevron vehicles, they blocked the road linking the village with the city of Vaslui, and surrounded the protesters camp.”

Bloomberg’s New Tool

Divestment is about shifting the conversation surrounding fossil fuels.  There’s no better evidence that this is working than Bloomberg developing a new tool that helps investors quantify and evaluate the risks that climate change and the Carbon Bubble can cause to their portfolios.  Check out the full story at Think Progress.

“Nor are policy decisions by national governments the only questions on the table. There’s also local efforts to cut carbon emissions and pollution, efforts to reduce water use, the rise of renewable energy, and pressure from organized movements, such as the one pushing divestment from fossil fuel companies across the United States.”