GU Fossil Free Dialogues with Michael Barry, CIO after Successful Letter Delivery

GU Fossil Free members discussing divestment with a worker at the Investment Office before meeting with Michael Barry, CIO (Photo: Lucia He)
On Sept. 30, four members of GU Fossil Free delivered the campaign’s final proposal and a letter to Michael Barry, Chief Investment Officer of Georgetown University. After handing over a physical copy of the proposal to a worker at the Investment Office, they sat down with Mr. Barry himself, who was in the office at the time. The members urged him to schedule a long-awaited meeting between GU Fossil Free and the Committee on Investments and Social Responsibility (CISR).
This meeting would garner the CISR’s endorsement of divestment within the next month, a crucial step for moving review forward to the Board of Directors!

GU Fossil Free members ready to deliver their letter and proposal, outside the Investment Office. From left: Aine Boyle, Patricia Cipollitti, Elaine Colligan, and Caitlin Meagher (Photo: Lucia He)


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