Repost: The Financial Case for Divestment of Fossil Fuel Companies by Endowment Fiduciaries

The former commissioner of the SEC agrees: Fossil fuel divestment is the right financial choice for fiduciaries. Check out the article.

“Unless large restrictions on carbon emissions are established around the globe, but particularly in the world’s two top emitters, China and the US, scientists predict ocean level rises of three to six feet in this century, triggering massive evacuations. What’s worse, we know scientists systematically understate the case -repeatedly discovering the globe’s climate system is more, not less, sensitive to man-made assault, whose impacts are being experienced at ever-increasing rates.”

GU Fossil Free Seeks Support from GUSA Senate through Resolution

GU Fossil Free is seeking the support of the Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) for our proposal.  Check out the article in the Georgetown Voice about our Senate Resolution.

The ultimate goal is to put enough pressure on the Board of Directors so they have no other choice but to divest from Fossil Fuels. “I would love for Georgetown to be the first university with over a one billion dollar endowment to divest,” James said. “I think it shows huge initiative and honors Georgetown’s commitment to being socially responsible both as a Jesuit institution and not.”