To Invest in America’s Communities, Divest from Fossil Fuels

GU Fossil Free’s Co-Founder, Sydney Browning, published an op-ed in the Voice last year about why divestment matters to her.

“I’m not encouraging people to swoop in on these affected communities with a cape and save everything. I’m encouraging people to fight in ways they can. I’m a Georgetown student who is pretty removed from the frontlines of environmental degradation. So what can I do? I can fight for Georgetown to divest from these companies that are devastating the people around us. That’s something that students can do, they can hold their universities responsible for their investments. And yes, divestment by itself will not reverse the entirety of injustice inflicted upon the world by fossil fuel companies, but it’s a step. The fight for divestment isn’t just about the fight against the global temperature rising; it’s about fighting for those communities that are facing the threat posed by the fossil fuel industry today.

Divestment isn’t simply withdrawing financial holdings from these companies, it’s withdrawing Georgetown’s investment in the violence and oppression directed at these communities. It’s a tactic, just like pipeline blockades, petitions, giant rallies, and tree-sits. In one of the most pressing justice issues facing us, we have to use all strategies and all steps in order to change. And we can change things. We, as students, can fight and win.”



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